Product Management Game

Goal of the game

Playing and learning, learning while playing. We have decided to make this magnificent motto connected with the enlightenment period (and known not only from the pages of Moliere but also from the comics by Stan Lee) tangible and use it in an agile training program for Product Owners.

Among all the exercises so boring that even a sloth would roll its eyes in disapproval or more embarrassing than your family at the Christmas dinner table we have found a niche. A niche that needed to be filled.

How did we end up in a zoo? It’s best if you don’t ask. The zoo, however weird, turned out to be a perfect metaphor for the discussed situation. Not to mention a perfect opportunity to add some humor to the game. Humor which may seem a bit hermetic at times but proved to work and not just for the creators. Honestly!

Who can play

One team is enough but in order to see the spark of competition in the players' eyes we recommend at least two teams. To keep the fun in overdrive level no more than four teams should play together and if anyone asks there should be three to four people in every team.



Scrum Master with a wide experience in supporting agile transformation from the beginning, booting and spreading the agile culture in quite big environments.

During his career he gained quite a lot of knowledge in software development from different perspectives (leader, software architect & developer).

As a big sport fan, he sees many similarities between agile software devolopment and team sports.

He strongly believes in the power of teamwork and perceives Scrum Master role as a combination of a trainer, team captain and sometimes even a player.

Co-founder of and editor in chief of rock encyclopedia —


Magda is a Scrum Master at GetResponse. For the last years she has been living in Cracow working as a Project Manager and a Scrum Master for one of the biggest Polish news portals.

She is an open-minded person who always looks for new solutions and possibilities. This results in a large dose of smiles and empathy that she brings to the work environment.


Scrum Master at GetResponse. Agile Coach and trainer with many years of experience in implementing agile and traditional methodologies in different companies. Specialises in high risk projects connected with tight deadlines and an unsure end effect. Constantly searching for ways to use agile methodologies outside of IT.

Always takes care of good relations and general openness between team members as he believes that this is the best way to enhance creativity and energy that are essential in IT projects.

Co-creator of several management training simulation games such as Project Laboratory, Scrum Game and Crazy Blocks. Passionate about any new teaching methodology – be it practical or theoretical.

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