Agile ZOO

Rules of the game

  • Each team is given a zoo in a designated city
  • Each team member is given a department of the zoo from one of the following: African section and media administration, aviary and zoo infrastructure, aquarium and administration, insectarium
  • Each department has its own requirement list (see ‘requirement list’) to complete.
  • Each player is entirely responsible for his/her section. Pay attention to the most important tasks from the list so that the zoo does not bankrupt
  • The main measurement of the zoo wellbeing is attendance. At the beginning the zoo has 150 000 visitors per month
  • Each requirement influences the attendance and therefore the zoo budget
  • Each requirement has an estimated budget
  • Each zoo has a budget of 50/55 units within a moth
  • The game is designed to last for 3 rounds. Each round simulates one month

I got the rules. What next!

  1. Reserve from 75 to 120 minutes for the entire game.
  2. Game can be played by the maximum of 16 people. Divide the team into 4 teams at the most with 3 to 4 people in every team. All theams must have the same numebr of players.
  3. Prepare enough space for all teams and make sure that the screen where the online applictaion supporting the game is clearly visible.
  4. Present the rules of the game.
  5. Assign to each team member on of the following sections - African section and media administration, aviary and zoo infrastructure, aquarium and administration, insectarium. If the teams have 3 members skip the insectarium.
  6. Launch the dedicated online application at
  7. Choose ‘add team’ for every team that is playing and tell them in which cities their respective Zoo’s are located.
  8. Read the EXPOSE out loud.
  9. Hand out the EXPOSE to each group.
  10. Hand out the main section problems for which they are responsible as well as requirement sets to each individual player.
  11. Set the lenght of every sprint - we suggest 7 min.
  12. Start the first sprint. During 7 minutes each team must plan their actions - choose the tasks they wish to complete within the bugdet of the entire Zoo.
  13. Once time runs out each team should read out lout the corresponding task id numbers. Choose those numbers in the application. The game mecanics will not allow for tasks that go over budget to be added.
  14. After a while the summary screen will be shown along with the consequences of completing tasks or not completing others.
  15. The most important consequence is the number of visitors and budget units granted for the next sprint.
  16. What is important is that some tasks might become inactive (they will be marked as such in the game). Remember to take from the teams the tasks that they can no longer complete.
  17. After discussing the results, plan the second sprint. Repeat steps 2 through 17 and that do it again for the third and final sprint.
  18. After comleting the third sprint sum up the game. Show the scores and conduct a short (10 - 20 min) retrospective of what has happened. During the game observe the participants so that you can initiate topics durig the retrospective.